Michel Singher, Conductor
Symphony Conductor

Symphony Résumé

Basel Symphony Orchestra
Berlin Radio Symphony
Hamburg Symphony
Indiana University Symphony
Lubbock Symphony
Nuremberg Symphony
Seattle Symphony Orchestra
Siegerland Symphony Orchestra
Spokane Symphony
Music Director, Mid-Columbia Symphony, 1982 - 1984
Soloists: Gary Graffman, Gary Lakes, Rodney Gilfry, Peter Serkin
NEA, NEH Grants for Educational and Outreach Projects

Symphony Reviews

Siegerland Orchestra
"Singher has an unusually fine ear for dynamic gradations and a structural discipline that economizes climaxes for the greatest effect. The smallest detail breathes life, the whole is formed with astonishing maturity... Singher's interpretation of Schumann's Fourth Symphony, which he conducted by memory, was breathtaking, magical... A festive audience rewarded Michel Singher and the orchestra with ovations."

Siegener Zeitung, Siegen, Germany

Freiburg Philharmonic
[All-Stravinsky program] "The Freiburg Philharmonic, conducted with insight and empathy by Michel Singher, shone with virtuosity."

Melos/Neue Zeitschrift für Musik, Zurich

The Music Academy of the West
"This [Schoenberg's Kammersinfonie] is a very difficult piece to play. Yet so able and responsive were the young musicians that Singher could do more than merely hold things together; he gave the work an eloquent and convincing reading."

Maurice Faulkner, Santa Barbara News-Press

Oberlin Orchestra
All-Beethoven Program
"Michel Singher conducted with elan and the students returned the earnest vigor of those for whom Beethoven is in some measure still a discovery..."

Will Crutchfield, The New York Times

"The willingness of a pianist of his [André-Michel Schub's] fame to appear with a student ensemble is eloquent testimony to the excellence of the Oberlin student musicians. Saturday night they played splendidly for Singher - producing a firm, robust, meaty Beethovenian sound in the tutti passages, but with lots of individual excellence to be heard from first-chair players down through the ranks, too."

Robert Finn, "The Plain-Dealer," Cleveland

Alban Berg Festival
"Co-chairmen violinist Gregory Fulkerson and conductor Michel Singher gave their utmost to the venture, not only in their own sterling performances of the music at hand but also in the impressive effort involved in the planning and execution of events."

Frank Hruby, Musical America

"Singher led his student orchestra in a forceful and sonically impressive performance of 'Three Pieces for Orchestra'... This music intimidates all but the very best orchestras... The Oberlin students gave an astonishingly good account of it, managing to clarify all but the thickest of its great clumps of notes and to actually make it sing in those pages where that seems to have been Berg's idea... The performance did everyone proud. Singher kept the heavy orchestral apparatus moving and imparted a sense of shape and line to each of the three sections.

It was the Wozzeck excerpts that made the evening memorable. Sumptuously sung by the splendid [Carol] Webber, these searingly expressive pieces made a stunning effect in the excellent performance achieved by Singher and his student players. All concerned captured both the sheer sonic beauty of Berg's vocal-orchestral texture and the pathos that underlies it... The performances were deeply moving."

Robert Finn, "The Plain-Dealer," Cleveland

Oberlin Chamber Orchestra
"The vehicle of the evening was Mozart's Piano Concerto in C minor, K. 491. The lengthy orchestral exposition was given an impassioned reading by Singher. And [Rudolf] Serkin, on entrance, matched the orchestra in intensity."

Akron Beacon Journal

"The caliber of the student orchestra's playing throughout the concert, which also included the overture to Mozart's The Impresario, Adolf Busch's 'Capriccio' and Dvorak's 'Czech Suite,' was astonishingly high."

Robert Finn, "The Plain-Dealer," Cleveland

Spokane Symphony Concert Orchestra
"This interpretation [of Mozart's Symphony Nr. 40, K. 550] was sensitive and thought-provoking... Singher's talent with tempi was further exhibited with the last piece [Ginastera's 'Variaciones Concertantes']... Thanks to quick, well-controlled transitions in tempi, the finale, including all instruments, ended on a brash, young, confident note."

The Chronicle, Spokane

"Singher's strong points were still strong. He pays attention to balancing the orchestra's sections so that lines are clean; the parts stand out when they are important and recede into the background when they are not... The [Ginastera] finale fairly crackled with energy."

The Spokesman-Review, Spokane

Nuremberg Symphony
"Singher, in all simplicity, made Schubert's Fifth Symphony into a brilliant, wonderfully bouyant piece of music. He is an excellent technician, but also a man who knows how to elicit nuances of sound."

Nürnberger Zeitung

"In Schubert's Fifth Symphony, Singher was able to demonstrate his circumspection, precision and elegance. He raised this reputedly trivial symphony to a higher plane, giving it substance and color."

Abendzeitung, Nuremberg

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